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Want to join our herd?

These people actually work as developers at Kantega, and they all love Java. We also own our own company. 100%.

Kantega is a Norwegian IT company of 120 proud employees. Owning our own company does something to us and the dedication we have to our customers as well as the solutions we make: Fantastic IT-solutions that add value and the users can't do without.


Check out out employee-section to meet us all. Some members of our herd actually did not originally have Norwegian as their native language. We will always be able to teach you Norwegian. Your Java, on the other hand, must be close to fluent. 

Even though you don’t see any female developers in the movie, we do have some. And we want more. Female and male. We are looking for devoted Java developers for all 3 locations in Norway: Oslo, Trondheim and our new office in Bergen. 

Could this be you?

Send us your applicatian and CV as a PDF-file to

Questions, or if you just want to get in touch

with someone in one of our offices? Please contact one of these three troop leaders.


Hans Ove Ringstad



Camilla Wadseth



Frode Wærnes

 Frode Wærnes