Welcome to Kantega

Kantega is a Norwegian IT company with 153 proud employees-owners. To be owners is to be responsible, and we live up to that responsibility with pride.

Kantega is an employee-owned IT consultancy consisting of 153 wise employee-owners. We have offices in three of the four largest cities in Norway; Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.  

Because we own ourselves, we have the freedom to innovate on the way we are working and seek competence widely. The ownership also gives us a great sense of responsibility for our customers; we want them to stay with us for many years. And they do. Our largest customer, SpareBank 1, has been with us from the beginning of Kantega in 2003.  

Our main areas of competence are in developing secure IT solutions that fits with the end-user needs and give business value to our customer. Our customers range from small start-ups to large corporations. Many of them in Banking/Finance, and some in Public sector.  

We have through the years created two spin-offs; Signicat and Kantega SSO, that are very successful in their field. The competence gained through these experiences is shared with our customers to help them in their innovation efforts. To learn even more about corporate innovation, we are now financing an industrial PhD for one of our employees.  


Kantega has a solid economy and the company has been profitable since it was founded in 2003. The company has a top credit rating of AAA (at Dun & Bradstreet).

Company information

Kantega AS is a Norwegian public corporation, and Kantega’s business registration number is 985815534 MVA.

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In our Contact Section you can find office addresses and contact information to the Kantega CEO and CMO.